Texas Home & Living | Vervano Full of Life

Here’s an excerpt from Jack Frink’s article in the September/October 2010 issue of Texas Home & Living:

Austin, Texas is home to a very exciting and innovative new line of sustainable home furnishings being created by Laura Britt Design. It is known as the Vervano Sustainable Modern Furnishings. “’Verve’ means full of life, sustaining life,” explains Britt.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” Britt begins. “I was looking around for sustainable furnishings for our studio, and I searched and searched and very few options appeared. I thought if it was this difficult for me then it was definitely hard for everyone else.”

From there Britt took it upon herself to rectify the situation. It started with just a few sketches in her personal sketchbook, but later 3-D renderings made Britt’s theories more concrete.

“As we move through the design process, it is critical to see how all these pieces fit together. We do a ‘sit test’ for the furniture prototype and from there we know what to tweak for the second prototype.”

“There are a few important things to know,” Britt explains. “We’re using water-based finishes for low off-gassing. The furnishings will also have plant-based foams as opposed to oil or petroleum. We’re using sustainably harvested woods and locally produced mortise and tenon joinery so that the furniture can last for years to come.” Vervano will be very durable.

Additionally, the pieces are multi-functional and meant to be pulled together for use in pairs and threes. There are child-sized pieces as well, which Britt says has gotten great response from her female clients.

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