Terms and Conditions

General Disclaimer

This website contains the most accurate and updated information and materials herein and shall override all other Vervano literature.

Vervano warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal single shift service, or normal residential use for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. During this period, Vervano, at its option, will replace, repair locally, repair at its workshop, or return the purchase price of any merchandise that, upon inspection by Vervano, is deemed to be defective.

This warranty specifically excludes fabrics, leathers, vinyls, and other textile materials for wearing quality, color fastness, shrinkage, stretching, or dye lot match. This warranty also excludes natural variations in color, grain and pattern of exposed wood and steel patina.

Damages resulting from freight, claimed or unclaimed, from accident, alteration, tampering, misuse, negligence, or abuse, including scratching or denting, voids this warranty.

Freight Disclaimer

Prior to being released to a carrier, each item is subjected to a 20 point freight inspection providing assurance that each product has been manufactured and packaged professionally. All products are shipped FOB Origin. Once a carrier accepts the shipment for transportation, title to the product is passed to the purchaser and VERVANO’s responsibility ceases. If shipment is received in a damaged condition, DO NOT REFUSE SHIPMENT. To help resolve any freight issues, please use the following as guidance:

Filing claims

The receiving party must file any claims for loss or damage immediately with the delivering carrier following receipt of merchandise. Most carriers require claims to be filed within 5-10 days of delivery, so it is important to inspect the product immediately upon arrival. To help the payment of claims, the following steps should be taken:

Obvious damage claims

  1. If a box has visible signs of misuse, damage, or a shockwatch label has been activated, immediately open the box. Be sure to make damage notation on delivery receipt and have driver sign both copies of the freight bill.
  2. Immediately request carrier to make an inspection confirming this request by letter.
  3. Hold damaged carton and all interior packing for carrier’s inspection.
  4. File claim after inspection. If no inspection is made, file claim within prescribed time.

Concealed Damage Claims

Open boxes or crates as soon as possible after receipt and inspect for concealed damage.

  1. Inspect the condition of each box or crate. If noticeable damage to packaging exists, or a Shockwatch label is red, open and inspect immediately.
  2. Follow steps 2, 3, and 4 as shown for obvious damage.

Finish Disclaimer

All natural materials have inherent disparities in color and grain pattern. Because of variations caused by nature, VERVANO cannot warrant color, grain, or texture of wood. Artistic steel patina finish will inherently have variation in color and consistency, and scratching may occur. To maintain finished metal surfaces, please wash with warm water and non-ionic soap, such as standard Ivory dish soap. DO NOT USE abrasives or chemical cleaners. Clean spills immediately, as acidic substances such as wine and ketchup may erode the finish permanently. VERVANO is not responsible for damage resulting from improperly treated finishes.

Design rights

Products and designs displayed in Vervano literature and web pages are the property of Vervano. Rights to manufacture or sell these products reside exclusively with Vervano. Reproduction of this property without written consent is a violation of these rights and will incur legal action. Vervano reserves the right to make changes in price, dimensions and/or construction without prior notice.