Allyson Vanity featured in NCW Magazine

Check out Vervano’s Allyson Vanity featured in the Summer 2014 issue of NCW Magazine.


Vervano Capra Console featured in Luxe magazine

Austin Home features Laura Britt and Vervano pieces

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Texas Design Guide features Laura Britt Design

Click here to read the Fall 2013 Texas Design Guide article. synonyms for asked

DESIGN GUIDE ONLINE EDITORIAL: The Importance of Buying Local

Are you a “locavore”? According to Ally Maxey, studio director, Laura Britt Design and VERVANO, this is the new, much beloved term coined among some designers. In a nutshell…

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Vervano Wells Table featured in Modern Luxury

Check out our Wells Table, featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Texas.

Vervano Gabe Desk featured in Natural Child World

Take a peek into the July/August issue of Natural Child World magazine to see Vervano’s Gabe Desk featured.

Made in USA Vervano Makes Direct Impact on Economy

An excerpt from the June 9, 2013 EYE IN Design feature on Vervano:

Oftentimes it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with the deluge of the “next big thing” in initiatives vying for your attention – whether they be green, charity, or some other movement. Even finding time for a more in-depth look to pilfer through and pinpoint the ones that are worth participating in is difficult. However, there is one movement you won’t want to ignore, and in which you can actively make an impact with your home decor choices. A movement where your day-to-day preferences, as a homeowner, as a product-owner, have an impact not only on designers and craftspeople across the USA, but directly upon your nation’s economy: Made in USA.
By purchasing American products, more of our money will remain here in our country. This will also increase demand of these products, creating more jobs and income for everyone.
Many stores and design professionals across the nation have made the choice to support local designers and craftspeople.

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Design Guide features Laura Britt Design and Vervano

Vervano at this year’s West Austin Studio Tour

Vervano will be showing at this year’s West Austin Studio Tour along with other artists including:
    –  John Langmore
    –  Bob Wynn
    –  Peggy Weiss

Located in Austin’s downtown 2nd street district at 117 Lavaca Street (just across from City Hall, diagonally across the street from the W.)

For more information about WEST, visit