About Vervano

VERVANO was born of a personal need: We needed a source for sustainable furnishings for our own studio at Laura Britt Design. A long journey involving extensive research found nothing suitable. So, we decided to do it ourselves. The result is Vervano, an eco-conscious furnishings line based in Austin, Texas, handcrafted in the United States, and fully dedicated to sustainability.

Although ‘green’ is still a¬†buzz word it is not a standard practice in the design community. There have been as many challenging days as victorious ones, but in the end we’ve stayed true to our vision: beautiful furniture, built close to home, from sustainably sourced materials. We are dedicated to preserving natural resources, maintaining healthy indoor air quality, and reducing the distance the finished products must travel. We build to the highest standards and design for performance in both residential and commercial settings. Our commitment to our customers, quality, and process improvement are key to developing the partnerships we seek; and each Vervano piece reflects that commitment.


Made in the US

To support the local economy, we handcraft our furniture in the US, with the majority of our designs being produced in our home state.


Our case goods are constructed from sustainably sourced wood (SFI), and we replant a tree for every item sold. Our steel components are highly recycled and recyclable.

Carbon Footprint

To lessen our carbon footprint, we limit the distance of transportation required to ship our furniture by building domestically in the US.


Our finishes and adhesives are water-based and low-VOC to reduce off-gassing during production and while in your home, hotel or office.


Our handcrafted furniture is made from kiln-dried sustainable hardwoods and laminate boards that are precision-milled creating a solid frame that won’t twist, warp or crack.


Our upholstery foam is plant-based and enjoys a 23% reduction in the total energy required to produce and a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use while maintaining quality and durability.

Fabric + Leather

Fabric and leather options include those meeting the highest European sustainability standards. Natural fiber fabrics with non-toxic dyes free of heavy-metals and finishes are a perfect fit for a healthy home. While, our sustainably produced leather options provide the best durability for commercial and contract applications.


Ms. Britt earned a B.S. in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University in 1992. She went on to manage and design large scale, multi-million dollar interior design and architecture projects for the United States Air Force. Desiring a deeper contextual understanding of buildings as integrated systems, she enrolled in the University of Texas at Austin and received a Masters Degree in Architecture with an emphasis in Sustainable Design in 2000. Following her graduation she subsequently worked in high-end hospitality design and architecture in Austin, TX.

With a clear vision to integrate her academic and professional training, Ms. Britt launched her own firm in 2001. Since that date, Ms. Britt has been recognized as a Distinguished Alumni for her contributions to the advancements in the field of design and is a National Distinguished Speaker for the American Society of Interior Designers regarding sustainable design.

Laura Britt Design’s proficiency and expertise gives every client the attention to detail and superior service they deserve.

Laura Britt Design is an award winning full service design firm, specializing in turnkey services for the home owner with discriminating taste. Client interaction and attention to detail are at the foundation of each project. Starting with the needs and desires of the client, the firm integrates architectural and interior design solutions to create beautiful and functional environments. Our designs are based on the client’s visions and our expressions of those visions into uniquely individual spaces. In addition to finely crafted spaces, the firm is recognized as a leader in sustainable design practices.